"Sarah Haruko is an absolute professional. She came prepared and was able to respond quickly to changes while on set. I look forward to working with Ms. Haruko again and confidently recommend her as an outstanding actor."

—Dina Pace, Director/Producer, Pace Production


"Sarah has a warm and engaging presence, and was just a pleasure to have on set. She's a nuanced, versatile actor with great comedic timing. Cassie is an overzealous character that could easily be dismissed as cold; but Sarah brought so much heart and depth to her portrayal. I'm eager to work with her again in the future."

—Christina Raia, Director, About A Donkey


“Sarah is poised, versatile, and captivating on camera. She is highly professional in her work ethic and delivery. l look forward to working with her again!” 

—Cara Cruickshank, Writer/Director, Cooperative Components


“Casting Sarah as the lead in my play What Do They Become? was the best decision we made. Sarah elevated the character of Samantha from the script and endowed her with a sense of vulnerability, complexity, power, sensuality, and grace. Sarah has that undefinable quality that compels you watch every move she makes on stage.” 

—Jared Kelner, Director, Actors Approach Academy, and playwright, What Do They Become?


"From the moment Sarah auditioned, I knew she had to be part of my production. She picked up on the character immediately and took direction incredibly well. I felt comfortable having her play any character because I knew she was capable.” 

—Danielle Boyd, Director, Encounter

“Sarah has been a pleasure to work with. Bringing the perfect amount of personality and improvisation, Sarah nailed her role on this production. I look forward to working with her again soon.” 

—Daryl Myers, Director, True Film Production


"Sarah Haruko is one of the best actors I've worked with to this day. She is very directable, always striving for her best performance, and is such a friendly person. I would hire her again in a heartbeat."

—Sam Gallen, Director, Day Off


“Sarah was incredibly professional, responsive, and open to direction. Our shoot involved babies, which injected a degree of unpredictability into the production. Sarah’s ability to improvise with the infants really helped us keep the shoot on track and keep the production moving.” 

—Matt Slaby, Director, Luceo Images


“Sarah is not only talented, but came to the set well-prepared. Her versatility shone through by bringing a variety of approaches to her scenes. I was thrilled with the depth she brought to her role.”

—Don Heatley, Director, V-WORX Digital Media


“I couldn’t have cast a better person for the role. Sarah’s interpretation and execution of each scene was on point and she took direction extremely well, and even more impressive considering we didn’t hand her a script until right before shooting. Everyone loved having her smile on set.”

—Josh Baer, Director, The Wrath of Grapes


“Working with Sarah has been so great. She’s taken every direction I’ve given her and committed to it 100%. Let me tell you, it is difficult to find an actor who is so directable.”

—Gerry Appel, Director and Instructor, Playhouse Acting Academy